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International Fellow Development Course: Transforming Dentistry in Bangladesh

Erisa Ltd, a notable Japanese-Bangladeshi company, is dedicated to enhancing Bangladesh's healthcare landscape, especially in the medical and dental sectors. Recognizing a critical gap in dental service quality and the need for robust research and skill development, Erisa Ltd launched the International Fellow Development Course (IFDC) at Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), guided by Dr. Abdullah al Masud Khan (Tutul), President of Erisa Ltd and a prominent TMDU researcher. Dr. Khan, an industry stalwart, emphasizes the necessity of research and skill development for the future of dentistry, with a mission to bridge the gap between Bangladeshi dental surgeons and high-quality dental services.

In its second inaugural IFDC course, held from October 4-6, thirteen Bangladeshi dental surgeons immersed themselves in a comprehensive curriculum covering dental implants, digital denture design, guided implant surgery, aesthetic dentistry, and maxillofacial prosthesis. This hands-on experience, mentored by TMDU's eminent professors, offered invaluable insights.

Dr. Arifur Rahman, a distinguished dental surgeon from Bangladesh, expressed gratitude for this transformative initiative, emphasizing its role in fostering knowledge exchange and advancement between Bangladeshi and Japanese dental surgeons.

Dr. Md. Rubayet Alam Prodhan (Rose), a PhD student at Kyushu University and the research education and development coordinator of Erisa Ltd, highlighted the contrasting clinical research environments in Japan and Bangladesh.

He pointed out that clinical research in Japan is intricate and time-consuming, while Bangladesh offers easier access to patients and existing data. The IFDC course aims to provide the essential guidance and direction needed for Bangladeshi dental professionals.

Dr. Khan also announced the official scheduling of IFDC sessions, with a minimum of two sessions annually, 'Sakura' in March-April and 'Akinomomiji' in October-November. He said, " We are greatful to Professor Manabu Kanazawa for his special attention and arrangements towards improving dentistry in Bangladesh."

Erisa Ltd, a Japan-based Bangladeshi company, is dedicated to enhancing medical and dental services through research, education, and development, fostering collaboration and growth in the healthcare industry.

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