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Let me extend my warm thanks to all of you for supporting our businesses. Our company, Erisa Limited is based in Tokyo, Japan and it's working towards creating a better business relationship between two friendly countries Japan & Bangladesh. Having grown to become a leading dental and healthcare equipment and material trading company, we at ERISA Ltd. are well aware of the responsibilities that arise from our position in the industry. We have maintained a spirit of enterprise and thankfulness in an environment of cutting-edge technology and knowledge since the inception of our company.

We pledge to continue to improve our distribution system and develop innovative dental instruments/materials and treatment systems, which will continue to raise the standard of patient dental care in Bangladesh. 

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Abdulla Al Masud Khan

President, ERISA Ltd.

My Story

Mr. Khan has the leadership quality since his student life; he was very active in different student, political and social organizations where he shows his leadership for the betterment of society. After successful completion of his graduation in “Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS)” in Bangladesh, he came to Japan for higher study. In 2013 he completed his Ph.D. in a relevant subject. He was not willing to stop within the boundary of dental/medical practice. He has the vision to serve the mass community from a bigger platform, and that’s why he chooses to become an entrepreneur.


In 2013 he established Yume International Ltd in Bangladesh to import quality dental and medical equipment from Japan to Bangladesh. Since then he is working with some Japanese companies to supply relevant products from Japan to Bangladesh.

He believes in quality and committed service which can help to make a sustainable relationship with the buyer. He tries to explain why his product is important and why clients should use it! Dr Khan first introduced rubber dam (dental product) products in Bangladesh. He is trying to ensure quality dental products supply for the Bangladeshi market for good treatment for the Bangladeshi people.

In 2020 Mr. Khan decided to expand his business in different areas. For that reason, he opened a new company in Japan named “Erisa International Ltd.” He added some more services/products to his business including the previous one.

Japan-Bangladesh had great political and economic relations since the independence of Bangladesh. Day by day this relationship is going to develop on large scale. Especially, Bangladesh is going to become an important business hub for Japan in South Asia within a very short time. There are lots of business opportunities for Japan. Mr. Khan is also trying to contribute to this development journey.

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 (+88) 02-9892055 (BD),  03-6447-4330 (JP)

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