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Our Business Details

Business Exchange Division and Consultancy Division are the two main business wings of Erisa Ltd. 

Business Exchange Division

Business Exchange Division

Erisa Ltd. has a specialized trading division that supports scientific research, medical and dental care. Japanese medical/dental care is highly acclaimed internationally for its world-class technologies. Among the developed countries, the cost-effectiveness of Japanese medical care is good. Japan’s advanced medical technologies are capable of saving, or prolonging the lives of patients, treatment as well as prevention and early detection of diseases.

We have been working for a long time to introduce Japanese medical/dental technology in Bangladesh.

Business Consultancy Division

We offer business visa consultancy for foreign nationalists who resides in Japan.  Japanese “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act “ is continuously revised which is difficult to understand for foreigners and procedures may change based on the individual.  We always keep an eye on the latest visa screening procedures that can prevent mistakes. We help you to start a new business in Japan where a special visa is required and provide special support for the “Investor Business Manager Visa/Investor Visa“ for foreign nationalists.

In recent years, Japan offered a “fourth-Month Business Manager Visa”(from 2015) and a “Start-Up Visa” (from 2019) to increase the number of foreign entrepreneurs in Japan. Individuals can apply for a “Start-Up Visa” to the local government  (Tokyo, Hiroshima Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Sendai City, Niigata City, Imabari City, and Fukuoka City) including required documents with a specific business plan (all documents have to be filled in Japanese).

We have an experienced and expert team composed of Immigration layers, Tax lawyers, and professional consultants to achieve your goal.

Business Consultancy Division

Research, Education and Development

We are committed to advancing oral healthcare and dentistry through our unwavering dedication to research, education, and development. Our mission is to elevate the standards of medical and dental practice in Bangladesh by establishing a collaborative platform that empowers healthcare professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. We prioritize groundbreaking research, comprehensive education, and skill development, with a strong emphasis on enhancing oral care and preventive measures in dentistry through the integration of modern technologies.

Our vision is to foster a symbiotic relationship between Bangladesh and Japan, leveraging the strengths of both nations to enhance healthcare services and outcomes. Erisa Ltd offers a comprehensive platform that not only encourages but also fully supports medical and dental research within Bangladesh. By cultivating an environment conducive to research, our aim is to drive innovation and contribute to the advancement of healthcare practices in the region. Moreover, we provide Bangladeshi doctors with exclusive skill development courses in Japan, where they immerse themselves in the latest clinical practices and cutting-edge technologies. This unique experience bridges the gap, enabling us to bring advanced knowledge and technology from Japan to Bangladesh, thereby empowering dentists with the latest insights and expertise.

Contact us today to become a part of this medical revolution!

Research, Education and Development


Our Partners

A partnership isn't something we take lightly. We are committed to mutually beneficial, transformational strategic partnerships. To ensure you get the most out of leading technologies, we've formed strategic partnerships with major innovative companies that can address your key issues. We work with a range of partners in Bangladesh and Japan that help us achieve change on a global scale.

The Kuraray Group is committed to developing new fields of business using pioneering technology that improves the environment and enhances the quality of life throughout the world.

Nissin’s humble beginnings started in 1948 from a small factory in the city of Kyoto, Japan under the name NISSIN DENTAL MATERIAL LABORATORY. Nissin has a strong presence in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, China and Southeast Asian markets.

SHINYEI KAISHA, utilizing long-standing experience in developing bristles for toothbrush, develops oral care products that apply Japanese superior manufacturing technology, exports and sells them to countries around the world through SHINYEI group’s global network.


Dentech Corporation was founded in Tokyo (Japan) in 1907 under the name Kousaku Sho Kimura, and was renamed Dentech Corporation on its centenary. Products are exported to 5 continents and are used by dentists in more than 40 countries of the World. 

AICHI logo.png

Aichi group was established in Bangladesh in 1996. With the vow of developing our healthcare sector this group now operates one medical college, dental university, nursing university, medical technology institute and two hospitals.


Founded in November 2013. Yume is a leading Distributor company in the dental product market. Since our inception, Yume has successfully gained national recognition for our quality products and outstanding doctor satisfaction.


Innova Technologies has helped create a healthier future by providing a broad portfolio of products & services including life-saving diagnostic imaging machines and software to patients and clinicians throughout Bangladesh.

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