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ERISA's Faculty Development Courses in Tokyo: Empowering Bangladeshi Dental Professionals

ERISA Ltd. recently organized a series of faculty development courses in Tokyo Medical and Dental University for Bangladeshi dentists. The courses aimed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Bangladeshi dental professionals through comprehensive training and exposure to the latest developments in dental sciences.

The faculty development courses covered various topics, including dental research methodologies, advanced clinical techniques, and dental practice management. The program also included interactive sessions and practical workshops to provide hands-on experience to the participants. Courses were coordinated between Feb 7-10th 2023 by Dr Masud khan, Chairman of Erisa Limited, Japan.

The faculty development courses received an overwhelming response from the participants, who appreciated the opportunity to learn from international experts and enhance their skills. The program also provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among the Bangladeshi dental professionals.

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