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High impact workshop events of ERISA: Skill-building activities and seminar in Bnagladesh

We are proud to host conferences, seminars, exhibitions and hands on training program in all over Bangladesh. The world of business is changing, and so are its requirements. That is why we offer end-to-end solutions for domestic and international clients wishing to host seminars and other business meetings anywhere in Bangladesh.

Seminar on composite use

Seminar on recent advance in Dentistry, In Osasis , Chittagong.

Arranging live program.

Introdicing RubberDam application, Rangpur.

Seminar and Hands on Traning, Rongpur.

Seminar on Rubberdam use.

Lecture on Bonding.

Hands-on in Clinic

Seminar on comsmetic Dentistry, Sylet, 2016

Seminar on recent advance in Dentistry, In Chittagong

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